Welcome to ableandwilling - Brighton's only supported employer

ableandwilling is Brighton's only Supported Business. We employ close on 30 staff, of which 70%+ has some form of disability. We are partly supported by Brighton and Hove City Council, but our aim is to become financially viable.

Our core values include:

  • Fairness and equality in everything we do
  • Inclusion for all
  • Dignity through work
  • Helping give independence through informed choice
  • Supporting staff to move to mainline employment
  • We are a "Living Wage" employer 

Our growing workforce contributes the local community by providing: quality digital and screen print, embroidery and assembly. Without supported employers like us many of our hard working staff would remain unemployed.

We work with many well know companies in Brighton and Hove - including Brighton and Hove City Council, Brighton Marina, City Cabs, Ben Shaws Drinks, Buddies Cafe and GMB Union.

And Events like: Paddle Round the Pier and Brighton Big Ball Run

Customer care is a very important part of our remit – At every stage of the customer experience, we focus our efforts on keeping customers informed and assured.

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City Cabs, Supported Emploment and CSR

ableandwilling working with Grubbs Burgers

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