Grubbs Burgers Supporting ableandwilling

If you have landed on this page it is almost certainly because you have been intrigued by the QR code, in the heart, on the back of the Grubbs Burgers T-shirt someone is wearing!

 Grubbs Burgers and ableandwilling have been working together for over year and have supplied 2000 t-shirts to them.

 ableandwilling is a supported employer, sponsored by Brighton and Hove City Council. We support people with all sorts of disabilities. Without the support from socially responsible companies like Grubbs, some of our hardworking staff would never experience the dignity of work that many take for granted. Our aim is to help staff to move towards mainstream employment.

100% of our shop floor staff have some form of disability.

Grubbs owner Tim Davies, uses a local the Station Café opposite Portslade Station (who have since also become an a&w customer!) and overheard staff talking about their in work and the changes that were being made at ableandwilling.

 In Tim’s own words:

“I was astounded about what I heard and gave them an order for 500 t-shirts on the spot.” This was the start of our working relationship.”  I have always been a supporter of the less able in our community - As is my son who is a Para Olympic coach. “

That Grubbs Order was our first volume order for Screen printed T-shirts and gave staff the chance to hone newly acquired skills.

“I came up with the idea of the QR code on the T-shirts to help publicise the great work ableandwilling do. Grubbs is a Brighton and Hove institution and many of our loyal customers were asking about where they can buy a  T-shirt from – and at only £6 they are available from our stores.”

 The range of products ableandwilling can produce quite is astounding. It’s not just about T-shirts we can produce, but Printed Mugs, pens, coasters Stunning embroidery Banner, posters and much more.

 We love a challenge and are a friendly environment for customers to visit. Also, a pricing is very keen and quality is high.    

 Grubbs branches can be found at St James’s Street,York Place and Western Road   

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