Working with City Cabs, Supported Employment and Corparate Social Responsabillity

With the loss of most of Remploy and the reduction of available funding from Central Government over the last few years, areas of care within local communities have struggled.

According to British Association for Supported Employment (BASE http://base-uk.org/) there are just 40 registered Supported Employers left in the whole of the UK.

BASE defines Supported Employment thus:

"Supported Employment has been successfully used for decades as a model for supporting people with significant disabilities to secure and retain paid employment. The model uses a partnership strategy to enable people with disabilities to achieve sustainable long-term employment and businesses to employ valuable workers. Increasingly, supported employment techniques are being used to support other disadvantaged groups such as young people leaving care, ex-offenders and people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse."

ableandwilling consantly employs people from all areas of the disabilliy spectrum, and work closely with SCOPE (http://www.scope.org.uk/). Scope is a charity that exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. We echo that ethos and share the same vison. Many of our staff are on partime six month contracts, and our aim is to train and help them find work outside of a supported envioment after that period.

Supported Employers are a perfect fit for companies and businesses with a social heart. and this is where Corparate Social Responsabillity (CSR) plays a part.

Local Businessman and owner of City Cabs (http://205205.com/) and Ben Shaws Drinks Andrew Cheesman, understands the true value of CSR to his businesses:

“ CSR is an important part of my business remit. We choose to work with supported employers like ableandwilling as CSR makes a difference in our local community. We applaud and support several CSR Imitative".

"CSR is not  about philanthropy, it is about making sure that paid contracts are awarded to organisations like supported employers and help the less able in our society.”

"An often misconception is that an aspect of working with supported employers is that they are uncompetitive in the market place and quality is not up to scratch. This certainly not my experience".

"ableandwilling are a local gem who support those with disabilities that want to work. They are great for your pocket, and your social conscience too"

ableandwilling is a living wage employer.